Luxembourg Sustainability Forum

The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum (LSF) is the key event for sustainable development in Luxembourg. Organised each year by the IMS team, it offers fresh perspectives and inspiring, practical solutions to environmental and social challenges, thanks to a top-class programme. 

Open to all and a true crossroads for all stakeholders, the day brings together renowned personalities, experts, companies, associations, public bodies and students... all committed to a resilient and inclusive society. 
An event not to be missed. 




The LSF in figures 
In 2024, IMS organises the 13th LSF. Since its creation, the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum has welcomed more than 4,700 participants. 
235 international experts, professionals and artists have shared their research, initiatives and best practices. Anne Larigauderie, Lewis Pugh, Jean Jouzel, Jeremy Rifkin, John Elkington, Caroline Hickman, Marie-Monique Robin, Alexis Rosenfeld, Natasha Tsakos, Alejandro Duran, Charlène Descollonges,... are just some of the personalities we welcomed. 

Raising awareness among as many people as possible 
This event is free and open to all. It is designed around an original format, namely a TV programme filmed live and with an audience. The LSF is broadcast live on the imslux.lu and rtl.lu websites, with simultaneous translation into English and French. As well as being well attended, this benchmark event receives extensive media coverage. 
Expressing the unspeakable 
Each edition of the LSF features an artistic performance: an exhibition, an immersive video, music, dance, etc. These experiences inspire and leave room for the interpretation and emotions of the participants. 
Taking concrete action 
Local and national players are invited to share the concrete actions they have tested and put in place. Everyone can draw inspiration from, adapt and share these initiatives. 
Independent programming
The content of the event is planned by IMS in coordination with Sustainability Mag. This forward-looking magazine highlights the many possibilities and meets the thinkers and players behind tomorrow's society.

Long-term support from our partners
The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum benefits from the invaluable support of numerous private and public partners. Our partners put their trust in us to deliver innovative events of the highest quality. Sponsorship of the LSF is independent of the programme. 

For more details, please consult the counterpart grid here
To become a sponsor of the next edition, contact [email protected]
Extending the experience 
Since 2020, LSF replays have been available on YouTube after each edition. This extends the life of the content. They can be shared and used as a tool to raise awareness of a wide range of themes: reinventing capitalism, climate and biodiversity, managing the next generation, low-tech, the role of the social economy, etc.

In organising the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum, as in all its activities, IMS Luxembourg is committed to promoting and acting on the social and environmental impacts of its actions. 

Here is a non-exhaustive and evolving list of our main commitments: 

The programme 
Each edition of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum deals with issues at the heart of sustainable development. We are committed to offering a programme at the forefront of these issues, providing fresh perspectives and inspiring, practical solutions to environmental and social challenges. We carefully select the speakers for our sessions. We offer a wide range of expertise and profiles (people from business, academia, the professions, culture, etc.) with a solid commitment to these issues. 

Our sponsors 
Organisations that support us have access to visibility in return. Sponsorship is entirely separate from the programme, guaranteeing the independence of IMS's choice of content and speakers. Sponsors can, therefore, be sure of associating their brand image with a high-quality event on sustainable development. 

Accessibility and inclusiveness
At the time of registration, as for all other events organised by IMS, people can indicate whether they require special facilities or dietary requirements. We choose venues with access for people with reduced mobility. We make every effort to use clear and accessible language in our communications. 

We selected a venue close to public transport. Sustainable mobility solutions are systematically highlighted in the registration confirmations sent to participants. 
When it comes to travel and accommodation for speakers, we always propose the most responsible solution possible:

  • Train journeys.
  • Sustainable mobility in Luxembourg.
  • Accommodation that meets specifications (such as holding the Luxembourg EcoLabel, PRM access). 

We favour 100% vegetarian catering, which is low-carbon with vegan and gluten-free options, preferably including seasonal, local or organic produce. If there are alcoholic beverages during the catering, we discuss this with our service provider to not encourage consumption for public health reasons. 

Waste management 
All the equipment brought by the IMS team is then collected. It is kept to be reused the following year or recycled. Selective sorting is put in place for both the public and the production teams depending on the possibilities of the venues that welcome us. 

IMS has a zero-goodie policy. If we ever offer goodies, they must meet several sustainable development requirements (usefulness, circularity, long-term use, local or social economy network, certification and label, etc.).

Communication is balanced between print and digital media. Evaluation is based on eco-design criteria. Print for communications that need a long lifespan, handling by several people, giving an overall view or searching for a tactile effect. Digital for a short lifespan, immediacy and interactivity, and the need for a medium that can be consulted anywhere. Printing specific to the day of the event is replaced by screens.

Carbon footprint 
As part of its activities, IMS Luxembourg strives to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum is part of this approach by offsetting the carbon footprint of emissions that cannot be avoided, contributing to the food and climate transition in 2023. 


The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2023 has obtained the Green Business Events logo. The General Directorate of Tourism of the Ministry of Economy attributes the logo to events that respect eco-responsible criteria. For more information, visit: https://greenbusinessevents.lu/


Any questions or suggestions for improvement about this event?
Please get in touch with Nadia Azarfane: [email protected]

Any organisation based in Luxembourg can support the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum by becoming an event sponsor.

Supporting the LSF ensures that your organisation:

  • Associates its brand with an event at the forefront of sustainable development topics.
  • Supports awareness and concrete action on these issues.
  • Takes advantage of this opportunity to engage all employees on these topics.
  • Our partners trust us to offer innovative editions of high quality. 
  • Sponsorship of the LSF is entirely independent of the programming.

Steps to become an LSF sponsor:

  1. Consult the benefits grid and choose the desired sponsorship level.
  2. Contact Nadia Azarfane to express your interest.
  3. Contract signature.

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